Do we really know the meaning of those little things that make our everyday lives?

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Fascinating semantic journey!

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About the Book

What do art and terrorism have in common? In what kind of trouble acreative mind can take you?

Ana is a journalist who discovers an important manuscript and a gifted cartoonist whose life is in danger. David is a philosopher and an author of a story collection about the war in Bosnia. Boris is an innovative artist. Fabian – a future cleric. Pierre is a friend.

Their stories are not ordinary. Everything about their lives is mysteriously connected with other people, and distant times and places. Every detail has many meanings, and their paths are defined by those meanings.

They will take you to the streets of Zagreb, through the basements and art studios, to a book fair and an explosive factory. They will lead you into a secret society quarters, an interrogation room at the Russian border, and eventually to Paris.

You’ll walk near the battlefield, through a gay parade, and into the target of a terrorist attack.

Disguised as the main characters’ journey through the time and places, this actually is a fascinating semantic journey. Things around you will never look the same again.

Unpredictable plot twists and lots of humor!

Available for kindle and other book readers or in print!

At its core, the book showcases the struggle between being heard and being listened to.

Oak Tree Reviews

About the author

Davor started writing reasonably early in his life as probably most writers did. He wrote several short stories and poems. Most of it got published somewhere in mid nineties. However, with the dawn of 21st century he almost completely stopped writing. But, fortunately or not, he is back. In both his fiction and non fiction works he is trying to contribute to the development of the fragile culture of dialogue. Davor is holdig a masters degree in theology. He is employed with a software start-up so he knows to appreciate that little free time he has. He is happily married.